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Sara Stedy

Promote mobility, dignity and independence

Enables one caregiver to transfer patients safely and with ease. Building on the success of the Sara Stedy, we are pleased to introduce Sara Stedy Compact: a standing aid that caters to smaller-sized patients and residents. For safe and easy every day transfers - Promoting mobility, support and dignity.

Delivering enhanced flexibility across patient and resident demographics and clinical needs, the Sara Stedy range ensures a wide range of patients and residents can be safely and ergonomically positioned from a seated to a standing position with ease.

Promote early mobilisation

Sara Stedy can support early mobility initiatives by encouraging patients to take an increasingly active role in their functional rehabilitation.

Sara Stedy enables single caregiver usage

Sara Stedy enables one caregiver to perform sit-to-stand tasks for a wide range of patients according to individual size and clinical assessments.

Simplified every day transfers

The Sara Stedy and Sara Stedy Compact are non-powered devices and are always ready to use. They help to simplify every day transfer tasks and increase moveability for patients.

The essential task

Standing and raising is an essential transfer task, often performed multiple times a day. The ability to rise from a seated position is one of the most fundamental movements amongst normal activities of daily living. Sitting to standing is a key step in the mobility process, being a natural precursor to walking. If performed without the right equipment or using an unsafe manual technique, it is a transfer that can put both patient and caregiver at risk of serious injury. The Sara Stedy range ensures that sit-to-stand transfers can be carried out safely, quickly and with ease

Both Sara Stedy and Sara Stedy Compact promote ease of use throughout the sit-to-stand movement and encourage patients to take an active role in everyday transfers, including transfers from bed to chair, toilet or washbasin.

Flexibility across patient and resident capability

Sara Stedy and Sara Stedy Compact, are specifically designed for patients and residents that are unable to mobilise without assistance but are able to contribute to the action or perform part of the action independently. With these patients and residents, it is important to stimulate movement to accelerate recovery or slow down the deterioration of mobility. Please contact Arjo for further information regarding the Mobility Gallery™.

Flexibility across patient and resident capability. Available in two sizes ensuring flexibility across height range of patients and residents.

Sara Stedy is designed for patients in the height range of 149-193cm, (4’11”-6’6”) and Sara Stedy Compact is designed for smaller patients in the height range of 138-172cm, (4’6”-5’8”) and weight up to 182 kg, (400 lbs).


Easily accessible for the patient and requires minimal handling by the caregiver


Intuitive and easy to use for safe patient transfer


Allows the patient to support themselves by pulling rather than pushing


Built-in seat handgrips which allow the caregiver to easily turn the support aid


Additional support when a patient cannot fully control leg movements


Robust frame to hold weight up to 182kg (400 lbs)


Easily adjusted for optimum access during transfers


Provides complete support when the aid is stationary

Product Information

Sara Stedy

Sara Stedy Compact

Max safe working load182 kg (400 lbs)182 kg (400 lbs)
Weight29,4kg (64,82 lbs)28,3 kg (62,5 lbs)
Total length92 cm (36,2 in)89 cm (35 in))
Total height105 cm (41,3 in)96 cm (37,8 in)
Height of chassis10 cm (3,9 in)10 cm (3,9 in)
lnternal width legs closed36 cm (14,2 in)36 cm (14,2 in)
Internal width legs open75 cm (29,5 in)75 cm (29,5 in)
External width legs open88 cm (34,6 in)88 cm (34,6 in)


The products are in compliance with current legislation and applicable product standards
EN ISO 10535:2006 (TÜV SÜD)


Compatible Arjo Slings and Flites (disposable slings).

Using Sara Stedy or Sara Stedy Compact

The Arjo Mobility Gallery™ provides a general indication of the mobility categories that can benefit from using Sara Stedy or Sara Stedy Compact. However, support aid selection should always be based on an individual clinical assessment by a doctor, registered nurse, certified clinician or similar.

Sara Stedy Demonstration Video

This video is designed to provide users with an overview of Sara Stedy and guidelines on the correct use of the product.

* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.