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General Purpose Clip Flites

General Purpose Clip Flites® is designed to be used for one patient during a hospital stay and assists the caregiver with everyday patient handling routines, such as bed and chair related transfers.

As a single patient disposable sling, it accompanies the patient throughout their stay, ensuring hygienic, comfortable and secure lifting routines. 

The “Do not use” indicator is coloured red if the sling has been washed which means that the sling should be disposed. It should be thrown away when soiled or when no longer needed.

The "patient specific disposable" concept eliminates the challenges associated with the laundry process and the risk of losing slings as well as being an important element within many infection control policies.

It comes in six different sizes S-XXL with a Safe Working Load of 272 kg/600 lbs.

Article number: MFA1000M

SWL: 272 kg/600 lbs

Sizes: S, M, L, LL, XL, XXL

Compatible lifts and spreader bars:
Maxi Move: Manual DPS, Power DPS
Maxi Twin: Manual DPS, Power DPS
Maxi Twin Compact: Power DPS
Maxi Lite: Flat DPS
Maxi 500: Manual DPS
Maxi Sky 2/600: Manual Flat DPS, Power DPS

Article NumberProduct Description
MFA1000M-SGeneral Purpose Clip Flites S
MFA1000M-MGeneral Purpose Clip Flites M
MFA1000M-LGeneral Purpose Clip Flites L
MFA1000M-LLGeneral Purpose Clip Flites LL
MFA1000M-XLGeneral Purpose Clip Flites XL
MFA1000M-XXLGeneral Purpose Clip Flites XXL

* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.