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Disposable Slings (Flites)

Patient specific disposable slings for efficient, hygienic lifting routines.

Arjo Flites® are designed to meet the needs and challenges of healthcare facility, hospital and acute care environments.

Flites are patient specific and accompany the patient throughout their stay, ensuring hygienic, comfortable and secure lifting routines. Efficient for nursing and care staff,

Flites are always readily available, so no time is wasted looking for or borrowing a sling. There is no laundry process, with the associated risks of lost or damaged slings, to worry about. Maximum sling availability means that sling lifters can be used as much as possible ensuring that manual lifting is avoided.

Arjo Flites are designed to be safe and cost effective, an integral element of a successful safe resident/patient handling policy. The Flites have been tested to ensure maximum patient safety, thereby giving caregivers peace of mind and value for money.

Flites come with both clip and loop attachments for passive seated lifting, as a soft stretcher and for Arjo standing and raising aids. As a disposable aid, Flites further protect from the risks associated with cross contamination. Protecting patients is a key aspect of an infection control policy.

When the patient leaves the healthcare facility or hospital, or the sling becomes soiled or dirty, there is no need to launder it. It is simply thrown away and replaced with a new one.