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Bariatric Hammock Sling Div Legs

The Bariatric Hammock Sling with Divided Legs is suitable for patients needing greater stomach support. With additional support around the leg area – each leg is supported individually to prevent abduction or adduction and provides more space around the abdomen area.

This sling is sometimes preferable for pear-shaped residents/patients as their stomachs are more prominent and require more support.

The whole sling is padded with Spacer™ fabric, which is softer and disperses more heat, thereby helping to prevent a build-up of body heat and sweat for increased comfort and skin management. May be left under the patient when subject to a suitable risk assessment.

It comes in four different sizes M-XXL with a Safe Working Load of 454 kg/1000 lbs.

Article number: MAA8020

SWL: 454 kg/1000 lbs

Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL

Compatible lifts and spreader bars:
Tenor: 4 point
Maxi Sky 1000: 4 point
Maxi Sky 2 Plus: 4 point (Twin Cassette)

Article NumberProduct Description
MAA8020-MBariatric Hammock Sling with Divided Legs M
MAA8020-LBariatric Hammock Sling with Divided Legs L
MAA8020-XLBariatric Hammock Sling with Divided Legs XL
MAA8020-XXLBariatric Hammock Sling with Divided Legs XXL

* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.