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A versatile resident/patient lift for small care facilities

The Minstrel® combines classic lifting technology with the latest standards in safety, security and comfort for both resident/patient and carer alike.

System integration

The Minstrel concept also includes a suitable sling for the type of resident/patient and use. Sling solutions are available in a wide range of special purpose designs and sizes.

Making tasks easier and safer

This easy-to-use aid enables caregivers to handle everyday lifting and transfers comfortably, safely and without stress. In the event that a resident/patient should fall down, the Minstrel allows a single caregiver to lift them up from the floor without having to manually sit the resident/patient up.

Improving care and efficiency

As a general purpose lift, the Minstrel is a good asset for small care facilities. Its user-friendliness and versatility encourage frequent and cost effective utilisation.

  • Proven battery-powered lifting technology operated via a handheld control unit provides high standards of safety and comfort for both resident/patient and caregiver.
  • Minstrel® has a solid hanger bar assembly that will prevent swinging and swaying of the resident/patient adding to their overall safety and sense of security.
  • The spreader bar provides a wider gap between the shoulder and leg hooks. This enhances resident/patient comfort by distributing weight more evenly
  • Minstrel is also available with a scale option, allowing the carer to quickly weigh their resident/patient whilst performing a transfer.
  • The chassis can be opened by a simple foot pedal to allow close access and maneuverability around large chairs, wheelchairs, beds and toilets.

    Designed for use in smaller facilities or at home, the compact Minstrel™ will lift residents/patients weighing up to 190 kg (419 lbs), but thanks to its large diameter, low friction castors, it is still easy to move and manoeuver.

    The Minstrel has a solid hanger bar assembly that will prevent the resident/patient from swinging or swaying, adding to their overall safety and sense of security.

    Technical information

    Measurements and weights

    Safe working load190 kg (419 lbs)
    Min lifting height625 mm (24 1/2)
    Max lifting height2000 mm (78 3/4")
    Weight56 kg (123 lbs)
    Weight, with scale57 kg (125 lbs)
    External width of chassis, legs closed620 mm (24 1/2")
    Internal width of chassis, legs open925 mm (36 1/2")
    Height of chassis110 mm / (4 3/8")


    Battery type rechargable sealed lead acid
    Battery capacity24 V 4 Ah
    Protection class (lift)IPX4
    Protection class (handset)IP67


    Power supply9V DC

    Incorporating a full range of head and body support slings, the power-driven Minstrel means that caregivers can give residents/patients their undivided attention while lifting. No winding handles or hydraulic pumps mean that there is constant and reassuring contact with the resident/patient at all times.

    Minstrel Brochure

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    Minstrel Instructions for use

    Category: Instructions for use

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    Minstrel Demonstration video

    This video is designed to provide users with an overview of Minstrel and guidelines on the correct use of the product.

    * Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.