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Maxi Twin

An innovative twin mast lifter for better stability and weight distribution

The Maxi Twin® is unlike other passive sling lifters, it has a twin mast design that not only improves stability and weight distribution, but it is also aesthetically pleasing.

Making everyday transfers easier and safer

The Maxi Twin is simple to operate. All powered functions, including the Powered Dynamic Positioning System (PDPS), are operated via the handheld control unit, enabling routines to be carried out without any manual lifting. The resident/patient can be gently rotated 360° in the sling, which increases the safety and efficiency of transfer routines, and its open, modern design enables unprecedented eye contact between caregiver and resident/patient, which adds to the feeling of safety and increases resident/patient wellbeing.

Improving efficiency

The Maxi Twin enables single-caregiver operation for everyday transfer routines. It is suitable for residents/patients who are unable to support themselves, and who are in care environments such as residential homes, nursing homes and specialist care facilities. It is supplied with two batteries and, with daily charging routines, the lift is always ready to use. The integrated scale option enables caregivers to weigh residents/patients during the transfer process.

  • Safe working load of 182 kg (400 lbs).
  • Unique friction solution prevents the spreader bar from swinging back and forth (patent pending).
  • Better eye contact between caregiver and resident/patient, thanks to the open, twin mast design.
  • Exceptional legroom for the resident/patient.
  • Excellent manoeuvrability.
  • Suitable for all transfer and lifting routines, including lifting residents/patients up from the floor, due to the high and low lifting stroke and long reach.
  • Effortless resident/patient positioning with minimum exertion for the caregiver due to the Powered
  • Dynamic Positioning System (PDPS).
  • A wide range of clip slings, loop slings and flites are available, as well as an integrated weighing scale and five different spreader bars.

The innovative open design of the Maxi Twin® enables resident/patient transfer routines to be carried out smoothly and safely by a single caregiver, using sound ergonomic working methods.

By improving stability and weight distribution, the twin mast design also improves safety and ease of operation, and enables the handling of bariatric residents/patients, up to 182 kg (400 lbs).

The Maxi Twin is also available with extra low height castors, providing a floor clearance of only 60mm (2 3/8"). These extra low castors means the Maxi Twin can be integrated with most beds and stretchers currently available on the market.

Technical information

Measurements and weights

Safe working load182 kg (400 lbs)
Weight (no spreader bar, no battery)45.5 kg (100 lbs)
Lifting stroke1225 mm (48 2/9")
External width, legs closed755 mm (29 3/4")
Internal width, legs open1370 mm (54")
Chassis clearance (from floor to bottom of chassis)30 mm(1 1/4")
Leg clearance (from floor to top of legs)115 mm (4 1/2")
Leg clearance, extra low castors60 mm (2 3/8')'


Battery capacity2.5 Ah
Protection class (lifter)IPX 4
Protection class (handset)IPX 7

Compatible slings

With maximum flexibility, this lift can be configured for use with clip slings or loop slings, or for alternating between the two depending on specific needs. There are a number of different slings in our standard range.

  • Clip slings are available in a wide range of sizes, and are colour coded for easy identification. The range includes special-purpose slings for toileting, mesh slings for bathing and showering, and slings for single and double amputees.
  • The loop sling range offers standard or padded slings, with or without head support, a number of special-purpose slings and a low back alternative, which is ideal for residents/patients whose arms are best positioned outside the sling.
  • Our custom made slings and our wide range of disposable slings (flites) means there will always be an ideal solution for each resident/patient.

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Maxi Twin 2010 Brochure

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* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.