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Akron Streamline Gynae

The Gynae 3 Deluxe models provide electric height adjustment, positive/negative tilt and backrest operation.

Mainly used in hospitals for Gynaecological, Colposcope procedures and investigations as well as Genitourinary Medicine Clinics.

Features include sculptured upholstery, a moulded shroud, seat extension and a matching operator’s chair, which are all supplied as standard.

The multi-adjustable padded leg supports provide patient comfort in the lithotomy position.

Also used in Ante Natal, IV Fertilization Clinics, Maternity, Obstretrics, and Sexual Health Clinics

  • Safe working load of 225kgs
  • Moulded base shroud (G3 Deluxe only)
  • Handswitch control for height, tilt and backrest operation
  • Retractable wheel base (RWB)
  • Matching operator’s chair (G3 Deluxe only)
  • Sculptured upholstery
  • Removable debris tray
  • Leg supports
  • Arm support loops
  • Detachable head cushion
  • Paper roll holder
  • Compatible with the majority of mobile hoists
  • Self lubricating bearings helps improve couch longevity
  • Choice of 18 different upholstery colours
  • Removable or fold down seat extension
  • Adjustable foot for uneven flooring
  • Twin lift radius arms provide stability
  • 55mm upholstery depth for extra comfort

Quality lasts. This premium couch range is designed and manufactured to the highest standards with a focus not only on patient comfort & safety but also on promoting good posture for all care givers.

Models Codes

Model 2252Gynae 1 - Electric with Retractable Wheel Base (RWB)
Model 2254Gynae 2 - Electric with electric backrest and RWB
Model 2255Gynae 3- Electric height, tilt and backrest with RWB
Model 2256Gynae 3 Deluxe - with RWB and fold down seat extension
Model 2257Gynae 3 Deluxe - with RWB and removable seat extension

Technical Information

Safe working load 225 kgs
Standard width65.5 cms
Overall length186.5 cms
Height range53-100 cms
Back rest angles+85° / 0°
Tilt range +15° 


  • Triple footswitch operation available at extra cost (7330) - Models 2255, 2256 & 2257
  • Double footswitch operation available at extra cost (7329) - Model 2254 only

 Optional Accessories

  • Removable seat extension 7303 must be ordered with couch
  • Fold-down seat extension 7333 must be ordered with couch
  • IV pole (requires fixing kit 7320)

Removable Seat Extension 

Supplied as standard with Gynae 3 Deluxe (Model 2257) and available as a cost option for all other gynaecology couch models (Gynae 3, 2 & 1). This extension may be inserted into sockets beneath the seat section to extend the overall couch surface when required and then removed and stored after use. It does not fold down.







Streamline Gynae Instructions For use

NOTE: CN Reg. file is locked for 5 years

Category: Instructions for use

File name: 792-712-UK_08.pdf

Type: PDF

Size: 1.54 Mb


Akron Range Brochure

Category: Brochure/Booklet

File name: Arjo.Akron Range.Brochure.1.0.INT.EN.pdf

Type: PDF



* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.