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Ninjo is an effective flusher disinfector that offers flexible design options and cost-efficient operation.

Choose from colourful polymeric or stainless steel finish, and either free standing, wall-mounted or under-counter models, to suit your sluice room needs and preferences.

Ninjo features a control panel with digital display which clearly indicates the disinfection level as well as remaining time to complete the cycle, allowing you to keep track of the cycle progress and plan your workflow.

Ninjo consumes exceptionally low amounts of water, energy and chemicals per cycle**, thereby reducing the overall impact on the environment and reducing operating costs.

** Based on performance specs from comparable flusher disinfector models.
Ninjo cleans receptacles with a series of high pressure water cycles delivered through strategically located fixed and rotating nozzles, followed by a thermal steam disinfection phase.

Digital A₀ value and remaining time display
Digital display clearly indicates A₀ disinfection level as well as time remaining until end of cycle.

Cooling fan
Built-in cooling fan dries containers quickly and cools them with HEPA-filtered (H13) air.

Reduce risk of cross-contamination
Door remains locked to ensure no spillage throughout cleaning and disinfection cycle. Ninjo uses thermal steam to disinfect receptacles, after which the Pipe System Disinfection (PSD) disinfects its internal pipe and nozzle system.

Cost-efficient operation
Uses exceptionally low amounts of energy, water and chemicals when compared with comparable flusher-disinfector models, allowing for low operating costs while reducing the overall impact on the environment.

Two programmes available: economy and normal, with an additional three available upon request.

Flexible design options
Available as a free-standing, wall-mounted or under-counter unit. Choose from stainless steel or colourful polymeric finish.

Compatible with wide range of accessories, Arjo Liquids Flusher Rinse, and Arjo Liquids Flusher Detergent.

Key features

  • Easy to use - simply load, close and activate programme. 
  • 9+2 - system includes nine fixed and two rotating nozzles to meet the highest cleaning requirements.
  • Pipe System Disinfection (PSD) provides rapid disinfection through all fixed and rotating nozzles, disinfecting the entire pipe and nozzle system with every cycle.
  • Smooth, hygienic chamber means no folds or pockets.
  • Ao value display - disinfection levels displayed, confirming that the appropriate level of disinfection has been reached. 
  • Remaining time displayed in an easy-to-follow cycle sequence.
  • Two programmes available: economy and normal, with an additional three available upon request.
  • Locking system during cycle, securing staff safety and ensuring a complete cleaning and disinfection process.
  • Optional drying/cooling fan for rapid and hygienic dry and cooling of recepticles with HEPA filtered (H13) air.
  • Meets and exceeds the stringent cleaning and disinfection requirements of EN ISO15883 (CAN/CSA Z15883).
  • Choice of polymeric material or stainless steel for chamber or outer casing.
  • Environmentally friendly – low consumption of water and energy, recyclable material.
  • Wide range of holders for different receptacles.
  • Lockable storage for detergent containers.
  • Easy maintenance and service.
Utility Unit connectionSupply Pressure requirmentsFlow
Cold water (CW)15 mm (G½ “)100-800 kPa (1-8 bar, 14-116 PSi)20 L/minSee Notes 1 and 3
Hot water (HW) 15 mm (G½ “)100-800 kPa (1-8 bar, 14-116 PSi)20 L/minSee Notes 2 and 3
Drain (D) Ø 90 mm alt.
Ø 110 mm
N/APeak 1 L/secSee Notes 3 and 4
VoltageRecommended service disconnectFull load, AmpsSee notes 5 and 6
L1, 230 VAC, 1N+PE, 50 Hz Max. 3,0 kW, 1 x Fuse C 16 A13 A 
L5, 240 VAC, 2+PE, 60 HzMax .3,3 kW, 2 x Fuse C 15 A13,6 A 
L9, 208 VAC, 2+PE, 60 HzMax. 3,0 kW, 2x Fuse C 15 A14,4 A 
L14, 200 VAC, 2+PE, 50 Hz Max .3,0 kW, 2x Fuse C 16 A15 A 
L18, 200 VAC, 2+PE, 60 HzMax. 3,0 kW, 2x Fuse C 16 A15 A 
L22, 230 VAC, 1N+PE, 60 Hz Max. 3,0 kW, 1x Fuse C 16 A13 A 
L28, 240 VAC, 1N+PE, 50 Hz Max. 3,3 kW, 1x Fuse C 16 A13,6 A 
Room temperature 5-40°C (41-104F)         
Air humidity < 80% at 31°C (87° F)         
Max surface temperature 40° C (104°F)         
Noise level          
Octave band (Hz)      125 250 5001000  20004000 8000   LwA LwAFmaxThe sound power level as linear
octave band levels are presented
as A-leveled sound power level,
both LwA and LwAFmax. 
Correction (Kok)      57 61 58 55 53 48 47  61 75
Estimated LpA levels for Ninjo located in a 70 m³ room, db ref 20 μPa.          
Type of room    Description    Operator location *   3 m from washer  The calculated sound power levels
are different LpA levels in different
types of rooms. With bigger room
volume the noise level is reduced
and vice versa. Here are three
examples of expected LpA levels.
* See Note 7
Hard   All walls from concrete etc no absorbing elements.
 60  60 
Normal   Some sound absorbing elements like furniture and textiles.
 56  55 
Subdeued Some absorbing elements in ceiling and textiles.
 53    51 
Water consumption          
Economy program   11 liter ± 10 %*   

 * if option cooling/drying fan is selected for the cooling phase. If internal cooling is

selected, additionally 3 liters
± 1 liter will be added to the stated consumption.  

Normal program   18 liter ± 10 %*    
Chamber size and volume
Stainless steel 565x410x290, 67 literPolymeric 535x400x300, 64 liter
Outer dimensions
 FreestandingUnder counter 
Width450 mm (17” 11/16)450 mm (17” 11/16)See installation drawing in subsection installation.
Depth 580 mm (22” 3/4)580 mm (22” 3/4)
Height 1320 mm (51” 7/8)870 mm (34” 3/16)
900 mm (35” 7/16) with lid
Weight90 kg/200 lb70 kg/155 lb

1) Cold water recommended quality = potable water accordingly to WHO guidelines, temp. <20°C (<68°F).
2) Hot water recommended quality = potable water accordingly to WHO guidelines, temp. 45-60°C (113-140°F).
3) It shall be the Customers responsibility to eliminate water hammer conditions if they occur in the service piping.
4) It shall be the Customers responsibility to provide a properly sixed and located drainage system in accordance with the national
plumbing code. Consider that other equipment is tied to drain to eliminate slow drainage or backup.
5) It shall be the Customers responsibility to complete all electrical connections using properly sized wiring in accordance with the
national electrical code.
6) It shall be the Customers responsibility to install an approved and fused disconnect switch accordingly to national code in all
electrical supply lines at the washer disinfector location.
7) LpA levels are measured to EN ISO 3747:2000, 1 meter in front of the washer and 1,5 meter above the floor level.

Systems available

  • Freestanding  
  • Under-counter


  • Arjo bedpan with lid
  • Drainage floor Ø 90 mm and 110 mm (3 1/2" and Ø 4 1/4”) 
  • Drainage wall Ø 90 mm and 110 mm (3 1/2" and 4 1/4”)
  • Valves and filter
  • Arjo Clean Flusher™ Detergent, 5L canister
  • Arjo Clean Flusher™ Rinse, 5L canister

* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.