Equipping you with solutions to optimize clinical outcomes

Our support systems for pressure injury prevention are designed to help you optimize clinical outcomes and to help prevent the negative impact of immobility. Our pressure injury prevention range is targeted to your individual patients and residents, from acute care and long term care, to critical care and bariatric care.

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Identifying the right support surface for each individual

The clinical needs of patients/residents can vary considerably. It is important to match the right surface to the right patient/resident at the right time, according to their clinical needs.* For example, some patients/residents may require a specialist therapy support surface to redistribute the pressure away from vulnerable areas of the skin, thus preventing prolonged periods of pressure, while others may need targeted interventions to address issues with temperature and micro-climate. We offer a range of support systems across a wide spectrum of clinical environments and clinical needs.

*Ref: http://www.epuap.org/pu-guidelines/