Architects & Planners

For over 60 years, we have worked with architects, nursing personnel, and experts in safe patient handling to formulate guidelines for the construction and refurbishment of healthcare facilities.

In 1996, we produced our first edition of The Guidebook for Architects and Planners, distributing over 30,000 copies in 15 different languages. We are now delighted to present the 4th edition, which builds significantly on this solid foundation.

The new guidebook has been edited and reviewed by an international team of experts, including architects, ergonomists, nurses, and representative users. By thoroughly researching and distilling best practices, the latest edition offers a succinct and visually rich summary of practical design measures to incorporate mobility needs into facility design.

Key areas covered include:

1. Planning Strategies

  • The Positive Eight™ philosophy
  • The patient/resident
  • The caregivers
  • Planning approaches for mobility support, contact your Arjo Project Consultant.

2. Applying Concepts

  • By the bed
  • In the toilet area
  • In the bath/shower
  • Care environment for the bariatric patient
  • The soiled utility room
  • Corridors and elevators
  • Storage space and turning radii

3. Realizing Efficient Care

4. References