Bath systems

Bath systems

Our bathing systems make bathing accessible for all patients/residents. These comprehensive, integrated solutions for transportation, transfer and bathing, are designed for specific resident/patient mobility levels and provide ergonomic conditions for caregivers.

Central bathing area

The bathing process promotes a sense of well-being for patients/residents; a warm bath relaxes the muscles and eases the mind. Arjo provides a wide range of baths suitable for both independent and highly dependent patients/residents.

Private bathing area

Many patients/residents are fully capable of bathing on their own, provided they can get in and out of the bath. However, some patients/residents need a little more assistance while bathing. Arjo provides a wide range of baths for the private bathing area.

Hygiene lifts

The bath lift trolley transports patients/residents with reduced mobility from the bed to the bath, and back again, without any additional transfers. Bath lift trolleys are compatible with longer bathtubs.