With people in mind


Arjo Academy educational program offerings

Join us on the first Wednesday and final Friday of every month as we spotlight the hottest topics in critical care, early mobility, dementia care, safe patient handling, wound care, and more!

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We care for our customers

We believe in ensuring the comfort and dignity of patients and residents and a safe working environment for caregivers. We believe that putting people first is key to providing the highest standards of care.

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Nurse helping elderly patient with physiotherapy |

Our customers

Through the years, we have worked closely with healthcare professionals to improve the lives of those affected by reduced mobility and age-related conditions. It’s what has given us a unique understanding of the challenges they face and enables us to deliver the right solutions for their specific needs. Time and time again.

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Investor relations

We will intensify our focus, which will strengthen opportunities for realising our strategy and being able to continue to efficiently develop products and solutions and thus create both positive customer value and shareholder value.

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