A mobile bariatric lifting aid for dignified handling

With an optimum sling solution, the Tenor® mobile lift creates an integrated lifting system for safer, and more dignified handling to meet individual bariatric residents'/patients' needs.

The number of people classified as obese and bariatric is rising rapidly around the world. This trend is creating new challenges for care environments. 

With a Safe Working Load of 320kg (704lbs), the Tenor mobile lift has been specifically designed to manage this type of resident/patient. 

Increased comfort for the larger resident/patient

Good bariatric care requires not only special handling equipment with appropriate weight ratings, but also solutions that take into account the associated care problems of different body shapes. 

Extra room for the larger resident/patient has been built in to the design of the Tenor. The widely spaced shoulder attachment points on the spreader bar, together with the extended boom length, ensures that residents/patients of different body shapes can be transferred in comfort.