With the patient in mind

  • Quiet pump promoting rest and recovery
  • Cable managment system to reduce tubing around bed/chair space
  • Integrated battery to ensure continuation of therapy during transportation
  • Comfortable, lightweight garments


With the carer in mind

  • Fixed tubesets - ready for therapy at all times
  • Distinctive single tube design to deliver uniform and sequential  therapy from single pump
  • Unique snap lock connectors with patented SmartsenseTM   Auto Garment Recognition automatically adjusts compression cycle without additional user intervention
  • Large LCD screen to view and manage therapy status
  • Patient Run Hours Meter to view time compression has been delivered
  • Real Time Pressure Indication to ensure correct pressure is being delivered
  • Large LED light display to ensure visibilty from all angles
  • Integrated carry handle to aid transportation


With the Facility in mind

  • Convenience of single pump for all active compression therepy
  • Aids asset management
  • Reduced cost of stocking multiple pumps
  • Consistancy in training and ongoing support