Ordering Information
Code Product Description Quantity per Carton
TRP10 Regular Calf Garment (up to 43cm/17" calf circumference) 10 pairs
TRP20 Large Calf Garment (up to 58cm/23" calf circumference) 10 pairs
TRP60L  Bariatric Calf Garment (up to 81cm/32" calf circumference) 10 pairs
TRP30 Regular Thigh Garment (up to 71cm/28" calf circumference) 10 pairs
TRP40 Large Thigh Garment (up to 89cm/35" calf circumference) 10 pairs

Using Flowtron

The Flowtron IPC system is suitable for DVT prophlyaxis in acute care settings, in the pre-, intra- and post-surgery phases, as a sole agent or when combined with a pharmacological agent.



IPC should NOT be used in the following conditions:

  • Severe arteriosclerosis or other ischaemic vascular diseases
  • Severe congestive heart failure or any condition where an increase of fluid to the heart may be detrimental
  • Known or suspected acute deep vein thrombosis, thrombophlebitis or pulmonary embolism
  • Any local condition in which garments would interfere including gangrene, recent skin graft, dermatitis, on untreated, infected leg wounds.