Features & Benefits

ArjoHuntleigh's Skin IQ® Microclimate Manager (MCM) is a fluid resistant, vapor permeable, single patient use mattress cover for use with a pressure redistribution surface to help prevent and treat Stage I-IV pressure ulcers.  Powered by Negative Airflow Technology (NAT), Skin IQ MCM continually draws away excess moisture from the skin/surface interface and helps control skin temperature.

Outstanding Moisture Vapor Transfer Rate (MVTR)

  • Skin IQ MVTR of 130 (g/m2)/hr(1-SS) is greater than the average 97.7 (g/m2)/hr of conventional Low Air Loss (LAL) surfaces(2-SS).

Excellent moisture removal

  • Bench studies show that Skin IQ MCM removes 3.8 times more moisture at the skin/surface interface than the same surface without Skin IQ MCM(3-SS).

Can help to reduce skin maceration

  • By removing excess moisture from the skin/surface interface, Skin IQ MCM could help to reduce the incidence of periwound maceration(4,5-SS).

Reduces temperature at skin/surface interface

  • Bench studies show that Negative Airflow Technology (NAT) reduces the temperature at the skin/surface interface by more than 1°C in 45 minutes(2-SS), which translates to a 10% reduction in the tissue metabolism rate(6-SS).

Reduces shear and friction

  • Bench studies show that Skin IQ MCM's top layer material reduces shear and friction to help prevent and treat pressure ulcers(7-SS).

Helps control odor

  • Bench studies show that Negative Airflow Technology (NAT) significantly reduces odor at the skin/surface interface compared to the same surface without airflow(8-SS).

Helps improve resident/patient comfort

  • Skin IQ MCM helps maintain resident/patient comfort and wellness.
  • In a study of 16 healthy participants using Skin IQ MCM on a pressure redistribution surface, it significantly improved the level of comfort(2-SS).

Provides a bacterial and viral barrier

  • The top layer of Skin IQ MCM is a bacterial and viral barrier(9-SS).

Contains bacteriocidal properties

  • All layers of Skin IQ MCM contain a bacteriocidal agent(10-SS).
  • Reduces S. aureus growth.
  • Bench studies show that NAT reduces Staphylococcus aureus growth by 2.24 logs during a 24 hour period compared to a hospital bed sheet (11-SS).

No reduction of pressure redistribution efficiency

  • Pressure mapping tests show that Skin IQ MCM does not diminish the pressure redistribution properties of the underlying mattress(12-SS).

Can help reduce the risk of entrapment

  • Skin IQ MCM is designed to fit tightly onto a pressure redistribution surface, which eliminates the chance of a gap between the mattress and the bed frame or side rail, which may occur if an undersized overlay is placed on top of a mattress.

Provides early intervention

  • The immediate availability of Skin IQ MCM allows early intervention, which may help reduce the length of stay(13-SS).