A pressure redistributing mattress overlay system with two modes of action. The Alpha Active® 3 pressure redistribution mattress overlay system has been designed for the prevention and management of pressure ulcers, and offers a number of features for effective pressure ulcer prevention and therapy for the home and community care facility.

With two modes of operation, it assists prevention and treatment protocols, while accommodating clinical and resident/patient needs.

Active/alternating mode: periodically redistributing pressure away from vulnerable areas, by alternately inflating and deflating cells beneath the resident/patient. Ideal for prevention in high risk residents/patients, particularly those cannot be frequently repositioned 1.

Reactive/static mode: cell pressure is equalised to redistribute the body weight over a greater surface area. Ideal for residents/patients in rehabilitation or that cannot tolerate a moving surface.

Technical information


Model Alpha Active 3
Part numbers

648301 UK

648309AU Australia

Power supply voltage 230V
Power supply frequency 50-60Hz
Power input 230 VA

Measurements and weights

Dimensions 280 mm L x 205 mm W x 112 mm H
Weight 2.5 kg
Case material ABS plastic
Plug fuse rating 5A to BS1362 (UK only)
Pump fuse rating 2 x T1AL 250 V
Degree of protection against electric shock class II type BF
Degree of protection against liquid ingress IPX0
Mode of operation continuous
Cycle times 12 mins
Inflate 5.5 mins
Crossover 30 secs
Deflate 5.5 mins
Crossover 30 secs

Deflation function allows CPR to be administered without unnecessary delay.


Description Cell Material Base Pad Material
ALPHA ACTIVE 3 OVERLAY 90 Polyurethane PVC Nylon Coated
ALPHA ACTIVE 3 OVERLAY 85 Polyurethane PVC Nylon Coated
ALPHA ACTIVE 3 OVERLAY 85 NON-PVC Polyurethane Nylon PU Coated


Part No. Description Spare Cover Length mm Width mm Height mm
648321 ALPHA ACTIVE 3 OVERLAY 90 648430 1950 (77") 900 (35") 125 (5")
648323 ALPHA ACTIVE 3 OVERLAY 85 648460 1950 (77") 850 (33") 125 (5")
648325 ALPHA ACTIVE 3 OVERLAY 85 PU 648460 1950 (77") 850 (33") 125 (5")COVER SPECIFICATION


Feature Standard Cover (Dartex)®
Removable Cover Yes
Moisture Vapour Permeable Yes
Air Permeable No
Low Friction Yes
Water Resistant / Repellent Yes
Infection Control Material coating is Bacteriostatic, fungistatic, antimicrobial
Fire Retardant BS 7175: 0,1 & 5
2-Way Stretch Yes
Washing Conditions MAX 95°C (203°F) for 15 mins1
Drying Conditions Tumble Dry up to 130°C (266°F) or Air Dry
Life Span 50 Wash Cycles (minimum)
Application Area Acute and Homecare

1. Check your local policy to determine the time/temperature ratio required to achieve thermal

Key features and benefits

  • Variable pressure control settings, which allow appropriate individual pressure settings to be set via simple control unit.
  • Audio and visual alarms, including a low pressure alarm, a power fail alarm and a pump fault alarm.
  • Modular construction, which enables easier cleaning and maintenance.
  • Ergonomic, compact and quiet pump, which is ideal for the community care facility and the home.
  • Easy-to-use transportation function, in which cell pressures are automatically equalised, leaving a comfortable even surface for resident/patient support. 
  • Static head cells, which enhances head section comfort and stability.
  • Dartex™ vapour permeable and water resistant top cover, incorporating 2-way stretch and bacteriostatic properties.