Features & Benefits

  • Visco-elastic memory foam molds to the resident's/patient’s body shape, providing a customised fit each time the resident/patient changes position, helping improve comfort and pressure redistribution.
  • Compression channels cut into the foam under anatomic zones help protect against pressure and shearing.
  • Sloped heel section helps prevent skin breakdown by transferring weight off the heel area.
  • Firm perimeter on each side provides support for residents/patients during ingress/egress and for caregivers during bedside assessments.
  • The TheraTex nylon mattress cover offers low Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) to help keep skin cool and dry.
  • Raised side bolsters (optional) serve as a passive reminder of the edge of the mattress and facilitate resident/patient ingress/egress.
  • Customisable length and width (optional) helps ensure a proper fit on a wide variety of bed frames.