ArjoHuntleigh's Skin IQ® 365 is a fluid resistant, vapor permeable, multi-patient use mattress cover for use with a pressure redistribution surface to help prevent and treat Stage I-IV pressure ulcers.

Powered by Negative Airflow Technology, Skin IQ 365 continually draws away excess moisture from the skin/surface interface, helps control skin temperature and minimize friction and shear.

Outstanding Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR) 

  • With an MVTR of 171 gm/m2/hr,1 Skin IQ 365 provides the highest MVTR compared with currently available low air loss surfaces.2,3

Effective moisture and temperature control 

  • Skin IQ 365 reduces and regulates temperature at the skin/surface interface, reducing the risk of excess moisture and preventing tissue breakdown.4

Reduced shear and friction

  • By managing interface temperature and through the use of advanced medical fabric, Skin IQ 365 reduces friction and shear for effective pressure ulcer prevention and treatment.5

Increased patient safety

  • Low height profile suports fall prevention initiatives.


  • Skin IQ 365 is designed for compatibility with most pressure redistribution mattresses on the market today.
  • Versatility:  Skin IQ 365 can be used on multiple patients and disinfected either by laundry or wipe down.



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