Features & Benefits

ArjoHuntleigh's Skin IQ® 1000 Microclimate Manager (MCM) provides healthcare facilities with a simple, effective solution for managing the the skin microclimate of bariatric patients weighing up to 1,000 lbs.Skin IQ 1000 is a fluid resistant, vapor permeable, single patient use mattress cover for use with a bariatric pressure redistribution surface to help prevent and treat Stage I-IV pressure ulcers.

Outstanding Moisture Vapour Transfer Rate (MVTR)

  • Skin IQ 1000 MVTR(4) of 165 (g/m2)/hr is greater than the average 97.7 (g/m2)/hr of conventional Low Air Loss (LAL) surfaces(1).

Can help to reduce periwound maceration

  • By removing 419% more moisture from the skin/surface interface than the same surface without the Skin IQ 1000 MCM(2), it could help to reduce the incidence of periwound maceration(3,4).

Reduces temperature at skin/mattress interface

  • Bench studies show that the Skin IQ 1000 reduces the temperature at the skin/surface interface by 3°C in 45 minutes(2), which translates to a 30% reduction in the tissue metabolism rate(5).

Reduces shear and friction

  • Bench studies show that the top layer material of Skin IQ 1000 reduces shear and friction, helping to prevent and treat pressure ulcers(6).



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