ArjoHuntleigh integrated medical/surgical surfaces are reliable and proven therapeutic surface solutions to meet the clinical needs or your patients across the acuity spectrum. 

Whether you treatment protocol calls for pressure redistribution, nurse turn-assist, pulsation therapy, or pain management across the continuum of care, ArjoHuntleigh's line of KinAir® or Therapulse® surfaces offers the right solution for the right patient.

KinAir® IV Low Air Loss (LAL) therapy combines advanced pressure redistribution with a wound care turn to provide optimum skin care management and patient positioning.

KinAir® MedSurg Pulse pulsating air suspension therapy utilizes controlled air suspension therapy and pulsating air suspension therapy to help in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.

KinAir® MedSurg Low Air Loss Therapy is an air flotation, Low Air Loss (LAL) support surface that provides pressure redistribution to help prevent and treat skin breakdown and manage pain.

Therapulse® ATP utilizes an automated, programmable wound care turn with pulsating air suspension therapy to help prevent and treat pressure ulcers.