Features & Benefits

  • Low air loss therapy minimizes tissue deformation by helping manage the skin microclimate to prevent skin breakdown as well as distributing pressure by conforming to bony prominences, minimizing tissue deformation and pressure-induced discomfort.
  • Pulsation therapy mimics the body's natural movements to improve blood and lymph flow to reduce edema1.
  • Continuous lateral rotation therapy offloads pressure points to help reduce interface pressures
  • Nurse assist feature turns and holds the patient, allowing for easy caregiver access and safe patient handling.
  • Advanced medical fabric helps maintain skin integrity by keeping it cool and dry while serving as an effective barrier to fluid and bacteria.
  • Smart Surface Technology employs infrared light emitters and receivers that continuously measure the patient’s depth of immersion and automatically adjusts air volume to create a customised pressure profile for each patient.
  • Heel immersion pillow helps address the problem of skin breakdown by lowering the air volume in the heel area to cradle the heel.
  • Built in warmer helps maintain individual patient comfort with three levels of heat adjustment.
  • Raised mattress bolsters help to center the patient and prevent migration into the side rails.
  • 8" air suspension depth for enhanced patient immersion.
  • CPR quick deflate provides rapid deflation for administering CPR.
  • Instaflate function fully inflates the surface to help facilitate patient transfers.
  • Seat deflate allows easy patient egress/ingress and bed pan cofort


  1. Yarbrough DR, et al.  Therapeutic and financial outcomes using a pulsating low-air-loss surface for patients surviving severe posterior burns.  Ostomy Wound Management. 2000;46(3):64-69