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Mattress replacement system to help maintain tissue viability in high risk residents/patients

The First Step® All in One mattress replacement system is an advanced low air loss therapy system with unique automated pressure redistribution to help manage skin microclimate, friction, shear and edema1 for high acuity patients.

By offering three therapies in a single system, the First Step All In One mattress replacement system is designed to help caregivers manage multiple conditions in high acuity patients. Offering the unique patient profile adaptability of low air loss therapy with Smart Surface Technology (SST), as well as continuous lateral rotation and pulsation therapies, the First Step All In One system helps provide the ideal skin environment for pressure ulcer prevention and treatment.


  1. Yarbrough DR, et al.  Therapeutic and financial outcomes using a pulsating low-air-loss surface for patients surviving severe posterior burns.  Ostomy Wound Management. 2000;46(3):64-69