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The ultimate pressure redistribution mattress in the Nimbus® range

The Nimbus® Professional system is the ultimate pressure redistribution mattress in the Nimbus range, offering advanced dynamic therapy and total resident/patient management for all care environments.

From the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to extended care, across both medical and surgical environments, the Nimbus Professional system delivers a proven solution with unique customisation options of the therapy surface in order to meet a wide range of resident/patient management needs.

Additional features

The Nimbus Professional system provides the same dual therapy and features as the Nimbus 4, with the following additional features:

Head section deflate

The top 3 semi-dynamic cells can be deflated to remove pressure from below the head, or for providing access to the head and neck for specialist nursing procedures (i.e. intubation, cannulation or feed support lines).

Torso deflate

The sacral section of the mattress can be deflated to assist with nursing procedures such as bed to chair transfers, physiotherapy, low height resident/patient egress and specialised processes like C/D arm imaging and X-rays.

Zoned wound valve technology

This technology allows caregivers to selectively isolate any one of the 19 individual cells under a resident's/patient’s body, providing complete and permanent pressure relief, making this mattress one of the most adaptable support surfaces in the management of highly vulnerable areas, such as grafts, burns, wounds, heels and ischaemic legs.

(Zoned wound valve technology also facilitates the use of additional technologies, such as topical negative pressure therapy without compromising posture and comfort).