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Power-driven assistance for transportation of the BariMaxx™ II Therapy System

Designed to provide power-assisted transportation for the BariMaxx™ II Therapy System, the BariMaxx II with Power Drive System helps reduce the risks associated with bariatric patient handling and transportation by enabling a single caregiver to safely transport a bariatric patient throughout the healthcare facility or hospital.

Product usage

Please consider the following precautions when using the Power Drive Sytem:

  • Steep slopes - when operating on slopes, always use low speed. Do not operate on slopes exceeding ADA recommended guidelines (generally >7° slope).
  • Indoor use only - do not operate Power Drive System on outdoor walkways, ramps or in parking lots.
  • Unplug - ensure the power cord is unplugged from the wall socket and properly stored before transportation.
  • Clear area - ensure the area below the Power Drive System is clear before lowering the bed.
  • Avoid trapping people - ensure there is space to operate before forward or reverse movement. Be particularly careful in crowded areas to prevent trapping a resident/patient or caregiver between the bed frame and the wall, furniture, equipment, or other objects.
  • Crowded areas - operate with caution in crowded hallways, elevators and rooms.
  • Navigate slowly - switch to low speed when moving bed around corners and through elevators and rooms.
  • Tight manoeuvers - to direct the bed around tight corners, release the drive controls, raise the bed slightly and manually turn the bed.
  • Automatic brakes - when the Run switch or Accelerator switch is released, the Power Drive System will stop and the brakes are automatically engaged to prevent further movement.

Please refer to the product labeling and instructions for use for risks, precautions, warnings and detailed operating instructions prior to use.