Bariatric medical bed BariMaxx

The Bariatric medical bed BariMaxx Active Therapy System for mobile plus size patients, offers the right fit and comfort for over-weight patients while reducing the risks associated with bariatric care.

The BariMaxx Active Therapy System includes the AtmosAir® 9000E mattress with Self Adjusting Technology (SAT).  The frame and mattress can be expanded in width and length to provide space for obese patients, helping to prevent pressure and discomfort caused by limited space while still enabling manoeuverability through doorways and hallways. 


The intended use of the BariMaxx Active Therapy System is for patients at risk for pressure ulcer formation and requiring daily weight monitoring, and accommodates a total weight up to 454 kg (1000 lbs) including accessories.


The BariMaxx Active Therapy System is contraindicated for patients with a total weight in excess of 454 kg (1000 lbs) including accessories.