Features & Benefits

  • Digital Weight Settings provide 3 preset patient weight ranges.
  • Automatic Recognition Technology correctly identifies mattress type or seat cushion.
  • A large LCD screen provides precise information regarding therapy selection and application.
  • Active (alternating) mode: periodically redistributes pressure away from vulnerable areas by inflating and deflating the cells below the body every 10 minutes.
  • Reactive (constant lower pressure) mode: cell pressure is reduced and kept constant across the surface in order to reduce the amount of pressure on the body.
  • An integrated and covered USB port makes for simple, quick servicing and provides an option for future pump upgrades.


All three support surfaces are powered and adjusted by one small, lightweight pump that combines ease of use with advanced clinical performance.

  • The pump features an interactive user interface with easy-to-use controls that reduce the risk of incorrect use and ensure that caregivers can apply the correct settings quickly and accurately
  • A large LCD screen provides accurate information about therapy selection and application, as well as an alarm funtion.
  • Digital weight settings with three preset resident/patient weight ranges and automatic recognition technology correctly identifies mattress type or seat cushion.
  • The pump also has an integrated biofilter with three filtration stages, offering 99.97% filtering of airborne particles down to 0.3 micron.
  • An integrated and covered USB port makes pump servicing much simpler and quicker and provides an option for future pump upgrades.


For maximum flexibility, there is also an optional mattress overlay, offering both active and reactive therapy modes, allowing utilisation of existing foam surfaces.

  • Rapid deflation function which allows CPR to be administered without unnecessary delay.
  • Auto Profiling Technology.
  • Eight hour transportation function to assist with resident/patient transportation. 
  • Cable management on both sides, to reduce the risk of injury to caregivers.
  • Attachment straps allow the mattress replacement, mattress overlay and seat cushion to be easily secured to the underlying surface. 
  • Non-slip base material for greater resident/patient safety and to prevent the surfaces from slipping.

Cover material

All surfaces feature a two way stretch and vapour permeable cover.