Secure ambulatory support aid for early mobilisation

The first step is the hardest. This old proverb suddenly seems more relevant than ever for patients facing a new challenge: to regain their ability to walk.

The Walker™ is a versatile training tool for the gym, treatment area or ward that provides the optimum conditions for taking that first step - a secure environment for patients and therapists alike. And it will continue to play an important supporting role every step of the way throughout the initial stages of the patient’s rehabilitation and ambulation training.

Gets patients moving earlier

Physiotherapists have seen positive results with the Walker in the rehabilitation and ambulation training of patients with conditions such as dementia and confusional states, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, osteoarthritis, spinal injuries, herniated discs and hip and pelvic fractures. 

The emphasis is on safety in the design of the Walker, giving patients the confidence to get the most out of each training session. It also enables physiotherapists to start a lot of patients' exercise programmes far earlier than normal. 

Depending on the patient’s condition, the Walker is suitable for both patient-led and therapist-led training. In certain cases, its risk-reducing benefits could mean a reduction in the staff resources required for safe training sessions

In addition to walking exercises, thanks to its stability, the Walker can also be used for exercises that focus on standing, balancing and stretching, and its open sides provide the added benefit of free access to the patient’s hips, knees and ankles.