The Sara® Plus is an ergonomic standing and raising aid that mobilises residents/patients during everyday activities, such as transfers and toileting.

It extends the mobility-activating benefits of the standing and raising aid to more residents/patients than ever before.

The key is the extra resident/patient support provided by the comfort circle, which comprises an Arc-Rest and a sling that has been selected according to individual needs. The unique Arc-Rest is an integral part of the lifting mechanism, providing exceptional upper body support during the raising action.

Technical information

Measurements and weights

Safe working load
190 kg (420 lbs)
Weighing capacity 140 kg (308 lbs) 

Component weights

Sara Plus - non scale version 85 kg (187 lbs)
Sara Plus - scale version 95 kg (209 lbs)


Battery type and part number Rechargeable lead acid
Battery capacity 24 V 5 Ah
Protection class IP67 (handset)

Another unique feature is the Pro-Active Pad, a height-adjustable knee support, which promotes a better transition to the standing position by allowing natural flexion of the ankle.

Product specifications

  • Safe working load 190 kg (420 lbs)
  • Supplied with 2 detachable batteries and charger
  • A battery discharge indicator constantly displays the remaining power and indicates when the battery needs recharging
  • Low friction castors with brakes on the rear two 
  • Detachable commode/transfer seat complete with bedpan and holder
  • Built-in safety valve stops lift arm (Arc-Rest) powering down when lowered onto an object; when the object is removed, the Arc-Rest maintains its position
  • Detachable footboard and kneeboard


  • Commode seat and narrow footboard
  • Wide proactive kneepad S, M, L, XL standing sling range M, L, XL walking sling range
  • Leg straps
  • Arm straps
  • Footboard raiser
  • Straight line steerer for walking during rehabilitation