Sara® Combilizer enables out-of-bed Early Mobilisation and ICU rehabilitation of critically ill patients to a standing position, to help reduce the adverse effects of immobility and bed rest. 

(Dueck 2010, McWilliams 2013)

Sara Combilizer is multi-functional tool for mobilisation of patients out of bed in the acute care settings, in particular at ICU’s.

It allows the patient to be positioned into lying, sitting and standing positions – all of them achievable without having to perform transfers in between. In all these positions Sara Combilizer can be sideways tilted as well, facilitating therapy and making it possible to safely and easily reposition the patient without strain on the caregiver.


Product description

  • All patient positioning options powered and hand control operated.
  • Removable NiMH battery, to be charged in a separate charging station.
  • Inclinometer indicating the level of inclination.
  • Low friction castors, all with brakes.
  • Adjustable foot plate with anti-slip properties.
  • Adjustable arm-rests.
  • Adjustable lumbar support.
  • Adjustable and foldable shoulder supports.
  • Mattress covers in breathable fabric that provides multidirectional stretch.
  • Designed for easy cleaning and disinfection, with no Velcro® fastener or push buttons.


Safety and emergency features

  • Adjustable safety belt system securing the patient at knee, hip and chest.
  • Three level redundant manoeuvring controls for safety.
  • Manual “Quick-down” emergency lowering option from standing to lying position enabling CPR.
  • Built in pinch protection.
  • Dual emergency stops and system failure override.
Technical information
Max patient length: 196 cm
Min patient length:
148 cm
Weight of Sara Combilizer:
115 kg  (265 lbs)
Width (surface, incl. arm supports):
750 mm (29 1/2‘’)
Chassis dimensions (incl. castors):
915 x 714 mm (36 x 28 1/8 ‘’)
Max length (stretcher):
2045 mm (80 1/2’’)
Min length (chair incl. foot plate):
1580 mm (62 1/4’’)
Max height (seat surface):
Max Safe Working Load (SWL):
200kg  (440 lbs) mm (33 3/4‘’)
Min height (seat surface):
588 mm (23 1/4‘’)
Turning radius, stretcher:
2045 mm (80 1/2‘’)
Turning radius, chair:
1840 mm (72 3/8‘’)
Max elevation, standing:
Max sideways tilting:
Trendelenburg tilt:
Protection class, Sara Combilizer:
Protection class, hand control:
NiMH, 2,5Ah, 24 V DC