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Turning Flites

The patient specific disposable Turning Flites assists the caregiver with turning a patient in a supine position in bed. The sling is designed to be applied without having to log roll or move the patient.

The narrow surface area of the sling allows access to patient’s skin for inspection of skin, treatment and personal hygiene.

The Turning Flites have a Velcro® fastener strap for easy attachment to the bed frame and multiple loop choices for ease of use.

As a single patient disposable sling, the Turning Flites accompany the patient throughout their stay, ensuring hygienic, comfortable and secure lifting routines.The “Do not use” indicator is colored red if the sling has been washed which means that the sling should be disposed.

The "patient specific disposable" concept eliminates the challenges assoicated with the laundry process and the risk of losing slings as well as being an important element within many infection control policies.