Disposable Repositioning Sling

The patient specific Disposable Repositioning Sling assists the caregiver in bed repositioning and moving the patient up in bed . Regular repositioning, together with pressure area care, provides efficient pressure management and thereby helps to prevent pressure ulcers. 

It has a wide undisturbed surface with no seams or straps and has multiple loop choices for ease of use.

As a single patient disposable sling it accompanies the patient throughout their stay, ensuring hygienic, comfortable and secure lifting routines.The “Do not use” indicator is colored red if the sling has been washed which means that the sling should be disposed.

The "patient specific disposable" concept eliminates the challenges assoicated with the laundry process and the risk of losing slings as well as being an important element within many infection control policies.

It comes in one size with a Safe Working Load of 272 kg/600 lbs.