In the emergency room, patient homes and nursing facilities, the Maxi Lite™ is the ideal lift for all daily lifting requirements. It performs general lifts, such as bed to chair, chair to toilet, chair to car, and from the floor, with ease.

When not in use, the lifter folds up into a compact unit for easier portability and to reduce required storage space. The adjustable chassis legs enable the lifter to pass through standard doorways and to fit around armchairs and wheelchairs during transfers.

Technical information

Safe Working Load

 160 kg

350 lbs


40 kg

87 lbs

Lifting stroke

1350 mm


External width legs closed:

700 mm

27 1/2"

Internal width legs open:

990 mm


Height of chassis

112 mm

4 3/8"


Two 12 V, 5Ah

Battery capacity

24 V

Protection Class (lifter)


Protection Class (hand set)



The flexibility of Maxi Lite, with it's remarkably small footprint and the possibility to fold it up to fit in small places like a car trunk, makes it a perfect lift to support all daily lifting needs.

The manual flat DPS hangerbar in combination with the distinctive clip slings provides optimum support and stability, giving the patient a feeling of security and safety during all supine and seated transfers. 

Also available with a two hook loop sling hanger bar, Maxi Lite offers full flexibility for caregivers that wish to work with loop slings instead. 

  • Integrates with most vehicle types
  • Folds up for storage
  • Wall-mounted charger and two batteries supplied with the lift
  • Adjustable chassis legs
  • Emergency power shut-off
  • Mast-mounted second control panel secures the lift will function if the handset cable has been disconnected
  • Automatic safety cut-out to prevent raising excess weight
  • Automatic stop function prevents lowering jib or spreader bar on the resident / patient
  • Compliant with CAN/CSA C22.2 NO.601 1-M90, IEC 60601-1, UL 60601-1-2 and    UL 2601-1