Features & Benefits

High quality fabric and design

MaxiSlide Flites are made from a high strength, low friction material. The slideability is equally excellent on both sides and in both directions. They are made from a biocompatibility tested, latex-free material and supplied in a user-friendly box for easy dispensing.

Strong built-in handles

The built-in reinforced handles offer a comfortable grip, supporting safe and efficient handling routines, ensuring optimum ergonomic working techniques, thereby increasing nurse and caregiver wellness.

Disposable pull straps

The disposable pull straps can easily be attached to the sheets for lateral transfers, preventing caregivers from having to overreach, thereby reducing risks of injury.

Resident/patient identification tag and water soluble label

A tag where the resident's/patient's name can be written and a green water soluble label can be found on each MaxiSlide Flite. The label dissolves when exposed to fluids.


All MaxiSlide Flites are full bed length, which eliminates the need for an extension tube. The sheets come in three different widths and the tubes in two.

Cross infection prevention

MaxiSlide Flites are reusable, but intended for single resident/patient use only. By minimising cross infection risks, MaxiSlide Flites are contributing to improved infection control. To ensure optimum hygiene right from the start, every sliding aid comes individually wrapped in a heat-sealed plastic bag.

A cost effective solution

Designed to be extremely cost effective, MaxiSlide Flites can be used as an integral element in policies for safe handling and in supporting effective infection control. It is an aid that can help reduce costs associated with both injuries to nursing staff and cross infection between residents/patients. And, as a disposable product, washing and laundry costs are eliminated.

A versatile aid

This versatile sliding aid can be used to improve safety and efficiency in a range of handling situations. In addition to lateral transfers, it can be applied in a number of everyday tasks, such as moving a resident/patient up in bed, turning a resident/patient, and the easy application of slings in bed.