Air Assisted Disposable Lateral Transfer System

Promotes caregiver safety and patient comfort

  • Easy to use
  • Requires minimal push/pull forces
  • Reduces friction and shearing forces
  • Integrated head cushion enhances comfort

A versatile aid

  • Accommodates various patient sizes up to 544 kg / 1200 lbs
  • Available in 3 sizes with color coded handles
  • Suitable in any patient care environment
  • Radiolucent/MRI safe mattress and extended hose
  • All mattresses are compatible with the most common available air supplies*

Improves infection control risks

  • Single patient use
  • No laundry needed
  • Minimizing cross-infection risks

Cost-effective solution

  • Reduces costs associated with injuries to caregivers
  • Reduces costs associated with cross-infection between patients
  • Eliminates laundry costs