Maxi Smart - Specifications

Maxi Smart™ consists of 2 software modules:

  1. Software on the web portal. This software enables the user to log in and view the usage data that has been retrieved from the Maxi Sky 2 ceiling lifts and uploaded to the assigned account on the web portal. Various parameters can be changed and the graph and pie chart will be updated dynamically
  2. Software for the laptop. This software enables you to retrieve the usage data from all your Maxi Sky 2 ceiling lifts and upload such information to your assigned account on the web portal
  • The software for the laptop works on Windows 7 and 8
  • The web portal can be viewed using MS Internet Explorer version 7 to 11 and Google Chrome
  • The web portal is a standard SQL managed by ArjoHuntleigh
  • No patient related data what so ever is included in MaxiSmart. It is only usage data