Maxi Smart - Features and Benefits


  • All lifts that are taking place in a facility can be presented in a consolidated, structured and graphically pleasing way
  • Various parameters can be changed. The data can be viewed by year, month, week, day or by shift
  • The usage data can be veiwed per facility, per ward or per room
  • All technical data such as maintenance codes, any possible malfunction, statistics of all lifts of each Maxi Sky 2 ceiling lift is available through MaxiSmart


  • You can now easily and remotely confirm that your Maxi Sky 2 ceiling lifts are being used over time
  • You can answer questions such as: Are the ceiling lifts being used over time? If not what is the reason to that? You can decide on actions by comparing the usage data with work related injuries and sick leave to improve the safety of both your patients as well as your caregivers
  • The service technician can now remotely view and confirm the status of each Maxi Sky 2 ceiling lift and decide what action to take with objective to secure Maxi Sky 2 is "always ready"