Features & Benefits

  • With a lifting capacity of 272 kg, the Maxi Sky® 600 is designed to help healthcare facilities meet the growing demand in handling heavier residents/patients. 
  • The modular track system enables flexible solutions, allowing optimisation of the track layout for the healthcare facility's specific needs and working space. 
  • A comprehensive range of loop or clip slings is available for the four-point and two-point spreader bars in addition to a Walking Jacket™. 
  • Improving efficiency - The lift is always ready for use and after transfers, the lift can be programmed to return to the clip-on charging station, which can be positioned anywhere on the track.
  • Spreader bars - ArjoHuntleigh loop and clip slings are compatible with the applicable two-point spreader bars or four-point Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) spreader bars. The DPS provides a safe and comfortable sling position for the resident/patient during transfers and makes reposioning tasks easier for the care giver. Powered DPS enhances the DPS benefits by providing powered assistance to the care giver when positioning the patient in a comfortable position.
  • Sling solutions - ArjoHuntleigh's comprehensive range of loop and clip slings covers all healthcare facility needs. Clip slings include standard padded and unpadded slings, special purpose slings for toileting, mesh slings for bathing and showering, and solutions for single and double amputees. The broad spectrum of sizes and sling types enables the ceiling lift to be adapted for optimum resident/patient comfort and safety.