Range of fixed height and height-adjustable manually operated medical beds

The Enterprise® 1000 manually operated bed range has been designed for environments where electrically operated beds are not required or not suitable, while still offering a range of flexible features and benefits.

The Enterprise 1000 manually operated hospital beds offer versatility, ease of use and a stylish design at a very competitive price. Several options are available to meet different needs and budgets. These include three or four section mattress platform options and fixed or height-adjustable models.

Key benefits

  • Height-adjustable (hydraulic) or fixed height mattress platforms provide flexible caregiver and resident/patient options.
  • Adjustable four section or three section profiling positions optimise resident/patient comfort and pressure reduction.
  • Robust design and simple construction makes the bed easy to clean and decontaminate. 
  • The castor options are designed to make the beds easy to manoeuvre. 
  • Simplified construction and engineering ensures minimum preventative maintenance and easier service maintenance.