Features & Benefits

  • The AtmosAir® 9000E with SAT supports and distributes patient weight automatically to relieve pressure and improve comfort. 
  • Integrated and full cardiac chair positioning help reduce the number of transfers required, which helps reduce the risk of staff injuries. 
  • Integrated bed exit alarm helps to ensure patient safety. 
  • Sturdy trapeze system helps assist the patient and caregiver in repositioning and aids in patient mobility. 
  • The patient handheld control unit affords the patient control and independence, but can be locked-out if required for safety reasons. 
  • Easy-to-use electronic controls at the foot of the bed enable efficient use of the bed’s features. 
  • Low bed height improves resident/patient access for the caregiver and makes bed exit and entry easier for the patient. 
  • Single button cardiac chair and CPR positioning features offer quick and easy use for the caregiver. 
  • Battery back-up provides power during transportation.