Babycare 34200 Crib Trolley

Durable, easy-to-use cot trolley with a full width storage cupboard

ArjoHuntleigh's Babycare™ cot trolley range has been designed to provide a safe, comfortable and practical environment for the baby’s first few days in the maternity ward or neonatal unit. Safety is of paramount importance, and all Babycare cot trolleys have been designed with baby’s safety in mind.

All Babycare cot trolleys have a secure two way (head down/foot down) tilt function, which is easy to use and assists in the management of the baby's clinical needs. The horizontal height of the acrylic cot can also be raised by 100 mm (4”) for phototherapy purposes. The cot is purpose designed, with lipped edges to prevent trapped fingers, and can be easily lifted out of the trolley for cleaning. An external bar at either end of the trolley leaves plenty of room for hands when manoeuvring. The framework is mounted on 80 mm (3 1/4”) diameter castors, which have kick-stop brakes as standard, for extra control and stability. At the head of the range is the Babycare 34200 cot trolley, with a full width storage cupboard, combining ease of use with a range of features and providing an invaluable asset to baby, mother and caregiver during those important first few days.