Efficient Showering and Disinfection

The Shower and Disinfection Panel provides an efficiently controlled delivery system for assisted showering and cleaning and disinfection of shower equipment. 

This built-in resident/patient shower, for use mainly with shower trolleys and shower chairs, provides a complete and integrated showering and disinfection system.

Water supply

Cold water G3/4” female (customer connection)
Warm water G3/4” female (customer connection)
Connect with shut-off valves, 3/4" connection
Max static pressure 600 kPa (87 psi)
Min operating pressure 30 kPa (4.4 psi)
Min flow 20 L/min (5.3 gal (US)/min)
Recommended cold water temperature 3-20°C (37-68°F)
Recommended hot water temperature 38-80°C (100-176°F)

Water drainage

Min drainage capacity 100 L/min (26.5 gal (US)/min)

Measurements, volumes and weights

  Without tank With flush tank With flush valve
Weight 14 kg (31 lbs) 16 kg (35 lbs) 14 kg (31 lbs)
Width 455 mm (17 7/8") 750 mm (29 1/2") 455 mm (17 7/8")
Height 510 mm (20") 510 mm (20") 510 mm (20")
Depth 190 mm (7 1/2") 190 mm (7 1/2") 190 mm (7 1/2")

Resident/patient shower with pressure and temperature-controlled thermostatic mixer. Optional cleaning/disinfection shower feature, with flow meter for mixing of disinfectant cleanser and water. Also available with flush tank or flush valve for additional WC function.