Water conditioner that enhances the effects of Hydrosound™

ArjoHuntleigh's Arjo Sound™ water conditioner has been designed to enhance the Hydrosound effect, making it even more effective.

An advanced formula for an advanced bathing concept

This bath additive also contains an effective antimicrobial agent for the prevention of bacterial growth and other odour supression ingredients.

Enhances the cleansing effects of Hydrosound

It solubilizes and disperses oil and dirt, removed by the Hydrosound action, and prevents them from redepositing on the skin or bath.

Moisturising effect

It enhances the moisturising effects of the Hydrosound bath. Arjo Sound's added conditioners complement the gentle ultrasonic massaging action.

Effective antimicrobial

Arjo Sound contains an antimicrobial agent and ingredients that control odour.

Eucalyptus oil

Natural eucalyptus oil has also been added to the formulation.