Allround skincare maintenance for improved resident/patient wellness.

ARJO Oil™ is a multipurpose bath oil & skin conditioner, and can also be used directly on the skin. It helps to lock moisture into the skin during and after bathing and helps to maintain the skin's resilience.

Technical information


This product does not contain any harmful substances and does not require classification under EC regulation 1907/2006 (REACH).

Composition/ ingredients

Substances CAS-No Weight % Symbol/R-phrases
Hazardous substances    
  - - -
Other substances      
Mineral oil, , food grade 842-47-5 60-100 -
PEG 400 Dioleate 9005-07-6 0-1 -
Fatty alcohol polyglycol ether 3055-93-4 1-3 -
IFRA approved fragrance   0,05 -
Colour + Water   up to 100% -

First aid measures

Ingestion Do not induce vomiting, call for medical assistance if symptoms arise.
Inhalation Call for medical assistance if symptoms arise.
In eyes Remove any contact lenses, rinse with lukewarm water for a few minutes, and seek medical attention if symptoms arise.

Fire safety

This product is not flammable.
Fire extinguishers Adapt to surrounding conditions/material.
Personal precautions Wear suitable personal protection clothing and use oxygen mask.

Accidental spillage

Environmental precaution Collect and contain spilled material in a chemical sorbent (e.g. kiselguhr, sawdust). Small quantities may be rinsed with water.

Handling and storage

Store at room temperature.

Exposure/ personal protection

See section 7.

Physical and chemical properties

Appearance clear liquid
Flammability non-flammable
Flash point  
Specific gravity  
Solubility in water Dispersable
Organic solvents  


Incompatible with  


Acute effects see section 3
Ingestion see section 3
Inhalation see section 3
Skin contact see section 3
In eyes see section 3


Environmental properties This liquid contains substances that are rapidly biodegradable.


Refer to local regulations for disposal and recycling.


Class free
Road, rail (ADR/RID) Not applicable
Sea (IMDG) Not applicable
Air (IATA) Not applicable


Safety labelling No
R phrases No
Marketing restrictions -

ARJO Oil bath oil & skin conditioner has a light mineral oil base

The mineral oil, like the sebum of the body itself, helps to lock moisture into the skin during and after bathing, thereby helping to keep the skin moist, soft and supple. The mineral oil does not encourage bacterial growth as it is a naturally occurring substance which, under most circumstances, is not biodegradable.

Contains an emollient - the oil is absorbed by the skin all over the body, as it is emolliated into millions of small droplets in the water.

Contains a disinfectant - it helps to control bacteria and fungal infections on the skin, as the disinfectant is effective against gram negative, gram positive, fungi and yeasts. The disinfectant itself does not become diluted by the large volume of bath water, but remains in the oil base, as it is soluble only in oil.

Contains superior skin conditioner aloe vera - which encourages skin growth and promotes healing after burns.

Contains vitamin E - which works as an essential nutrient for healthy skin.

ARJO Oil bath oil & skin conditioner is also effective in the treatment of dry skin conditions and athlete's foot by rubbing a small amount directly onto the skin.