Bathing liquids maximise the benefits of the bathing process and promote good hygiene and skincare.

Our skin protects our body, and bathing can help to protect our skin. However, what you put in the bathwater can either promote or counteract good skin management. Using gentle, specially formulated bath liquids helps to maintain a natural suppleness and prevent skin breakdown.

ArjoHuntleigh has developed a wide range of bathing products, from bath oils to body washes, that provide optimum conditioning and moisturising, as well as a special liquid that maximises the skincare benefits of Hydrosound™ sessions.

Bathing can stimulate a lot of the senses, including the sense of smell. Pleasant scents have a positive effect on most people's mood, whatever their age. Breathing in a lovely aroma can be a pleasurable experience, particularly when you are sitting in a hot bath, at your most relaxed and receptive.

ArjoHuntleigh offers a wide range of bathoils that are not only good for the skin, but also beneficial for the respiratory system. The bath oils moisturise the skin to keep it soft and supple, in addition to releasing lovely aromas as they react with steam from the hot bath. Using these bath oils creates an aromatic appeal and adds another positive dimension to bathing sessions.