Freedom Bath makes the benefits of bathing accessible for everyone

Sit bath with full width/height side opening for safe, easy entry and exit.

Technical information

Measurements, volumes and weights

Total length 1510 mm (59 1/2")
Total width 760 mm (30")
Max height 1210 mm (47 5/8")
Seat height 505-540 mm (20-21 1/4")
Weight 140 to 165 kg (308 to 364 lbs) c 225 L (59 gal (US))
Max total weight 550 kg (1213 lbs)
Drain flow rate 130 L/min (34 gal (US)/min)
Drain flow rate with water trap 110 L/min (29 gal (US)/min)



Market Voltage Frequency Power consumption
Europe 230/240 V single phase AC 50 Hz max 800 VA
North America 120 V single phase AC 60 Hz max 800 VA
Japan 100 V single phase AC 50/60 Hz max 800 VA
The unit must be continuously powered and connected to separate fuse with ground fault interrupter.


Water supply

Cold/hot water connections, inlets and outlets 3/4''
Operating dynamic pressure 100-600 kPa (15-87 psi)
Rec. dynamic pressure 200-300 kPa (29-43.5 psi)
Operating temperatures Max HW 80°C (176°F) Min HW 38°C (100°F) Max CW 25°C (77°F)
Recommended temperatures HW 38-65°C (100-149°F) CW 10-18°C (50-64°F)
Recommended water flow (CW + HW) 25+25 L/min (6.6+6.6 gal (US)/min)
Minimum drain 100 L/min (26.4 gal (US)/min)
  • Optional lift integration for residents/patients needing assistance.
  • Unique electric roll door, which retracts into the base of the bath during entry and exit, providing simple access for residents/patients.
  • Durable inflatable seal.
  • Flexible drain and plumbing connections for easy installation.
  • Very good immersion for high bathing comfort.
  • Rigid support handle.
  • Can be installed in standard dimension bathing alcoves or as a free-standing bath.
  • Optional air spa.
  • MultiClean™ disinfection system for air spa (optional) combats cross infection.
  • Optional built-in pressure and thermostatic-regulated mixer for filling and showering.
  • Touchpad operation with lock-out function to prevent unauthorised use.
  • Emergency release of roll door for greater safety.


  • Head cushion
  • Safety belt