Features & Benefits

The Miranti™ is easy to drive, turn, position and brake for a single caregiver. It also eliminates the need for manual transfers, as the Miranti does all the lifting, and the stretcher can be adjusted at any time to the correct ergonomic working height.

Powered backrest

The powered backrest is operated via the handheld control unit and raised/lowered from the side pillar winch.

Security grip & sideguard

The resident/patient feels safe and relaxed when holding the security grip, and the triangular sideguard prevents the resident/patient from falling off the stretcher.


Specially designed handles at the head end (for driving) and the pillar (for bedside/bathside manoeuvring) gives the caregiver allround control.

Handy brake

The central braking system is operated via the handheld control unit or the push button on the pillar.

Power Drive

The Power Drive function is a fifth wheel that assists the caregiver when driving the trolley forward, making it easy to turn the stretcher around its own axis.It is controlled via a push button in the driving handle.