The ergonomic lift bath trolley with Power Drive

Using the Miranti™, a caregiver can perform the entire bathing cycle with the minimum physical effort.

Power Drive is just one of the powered features that make this bath lift trolley one of the safest and most comfortable solutions for dependent residents/patients.

Enhancing lives

The Miranti can improve quality of life by providing easy access to a safer, more comfortable bathing experience for dependent residents/patients.

Making tasks easier and safer

The powered features and ergonomic design of the Miranti enables a caregiver to perform the entire bathing cycle safely and easily.

Improving care and efficiency

The Miranti enables a single caregiver to perform standard routines with maximised powered support, resident/patient bathing can be carried out with the greatest possible efficiency.

System integration

The Miranti is compatible with ArjoHuntleigh height-adjustable baths, 1900 mm or longer.