One of the most advanced hygiene lift chairs available

As part of an integrated bathing system, the Alenti® provides excellent quality of transportation and transfer solution for semi-dependent residents/patients.

The resident/patient sits safely and comfortably on the submersible Alenti seat throughout all stages of the bathing process.

Enhancing lives

The Alenti helps improve quality of life, by providing a higher standard of safety and comfort during hygiene routines.

Making tasks easier and safer

The Alenti delivers the necessary power-assisted support to allow the caregiver to manage the entire bathing process in an ergonomically sound manner and without the need for manual handling.

Improving care and efficiency

Fewer staff resources are needed for the various stages of hygiene routines – transfers, dressing, drying – as the Alenti enables one caregiver to efficiently manage all tasks relating to the bathing process alone.

System integration

The Alenti is a part of ArjoHuntleigh's integrated bathing system, and is compatible with the various lengths of ArjoHuntleigh height-adjustable baths. It is also compatible with the Prelude® shower cabinet.