Features & Benefits

Higher ergonomic standards

The height-adjustable bath allows caregivers to carry out their routines at the correct working height.

Comfortable showering

At 2.5 m long, the shower hose provides optimum access for hair washing routines.

A sense of security in the bath

Internal side grips give the resident/patient a sense security and reassurance within easy reach.

Built-in safeguard

Closing the safety valve shuts down the disinfection system to prevent unauthorised use.

Easy control

All functions are operated from the easy-to-understand panel at the foot of the bath.

Individual support

The adjustable foot support ensures personalised comfort and safety for the resident/patient.

Efficient cleaning/disinfection

The disinfection shower dispenses the correct dosage of disinfectant/water.

Smart and safe storage

The disinfectant bottle is safely stored away in its own integrated compartment.